Downtown Coffee Honolulu.  Good Coffee 100% Hawaii-grown ❤️

❤️ 100% Good Coffee 100% Hawaii-grown


We specialize in our own 100% Hawaii-grown coffees.  Our most popular coffee is our Downtown Blend - a blend of Maui coffee and Big Island coffee, 100% Hawaii-grown.

We understand that freshness is an important part of coffee quality and strive to have your coffee shipped and delivered to you within 4 days of our roast date.

If you find yourself in Downtown Honolulu on a Saturday morning, you'll find us roasting coffee for the upcoming week.


100% Kona Coffee

Coffee Bag Sizes.jpg
Coffee Bag Sizes.jpg

100% Kona Coffee

from 15.25

100% Kona Coffee comes to us green and unroasted from the Kona Earth farm in Kona.  We roast it to a medium roast.  Delicious brewed or as espresso, we serve it in our 100% Kona Latte.


Roast Level: Medium

Origin: Kona, Big Island

Variety: Typica

Processing Method: Washed

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